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R&I-Peers GEPs monitoring tool (RIPGEP)

Starting from the initial data already provided for 2015 by each organization that in R&I-Peers is implementing a GEP and, following the methods proposed in task T3.3, within WP5, the identified methods and indicators have been customized within the different organization in the activities of the task T5.1 in order to facilitate the monitoring activity and the evaluation of the impacts of the activities and strategies of each GEP, which will be measured and benchmarked against the scheduled progresses of gender-equality targets. Each piloting partner is collecting raw data with the aim of submitting the surveys to the WP leader, CNR.

RIPGEP is a tool for collecting and visualising data on the status of the GEPs and their implementation during the time and according to the indicators identified for the different GEPS. The pilots of GEPS upload periodically the data of the indicators identified and the tool enables a visualization of the status using scorecards. RIPGEP also facilitates the data collection from the staff of each organization implementing a GEP in R&I-Peers, in order to understand the feeling from the employers and, for improving the GEPs during the project life.

RIPGEP also facilitates the collection of data related to the task 7.3 related to the “RRI validation chek” foreseen in “WP7- Dissemination and impact creation”